We recognize that each young person is a part of our intergenerational church body.
We believe that we can teach and learn from the children and teenagers within our community.

We encourage our young people towards confidence in who God has made them to be.

The Abbey Kids are present with us during our All-Church Gatherings during worship, Eucharist, and prayer. The Abbey Family Ministry envisions an empowered community of young people who teach fearlessness (Matthew 19), fulfill prophecies (Judges 13), and bless others (1 Samuel 1). 

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We offer care and presence to our kids as we have volunteer capacities.

All-Church Gathering : 0-3yrs and 4yrs-9yrs
Community Lectio: 3yrs to 9yrs
Community Groups: no childcare

For our All-Church Gatherings our kids begin the gathering in the classroom environment with trained volunteers and then are welcomed into our main gathering for worship, Eucharist, and prayer ministry. 

Volunteer with Abbey Kids
A Prayer for Tag
By Rachel General

The crescendo of laughter is let loose in the Sanctuary.
God, my heart longs for the unprompted games of tag after church.
But, I think they might be church.
The kids ask to play.
They are not taught.

What might the church have to learn from their quick steps and sweaty foreheads?

May we chase after our friends in your presence.
Even after we trip over our own feet, may joy be the thing that keeps us running.

Creator, would you help us to notice your hand of encouragement tussled through our hair as we pass by.
We long to know that we do not run alone.
Rather, we can run with abandon through open doors and into open arms.
God, we thank you for each little runner that belongs to your church.

Ready or not, here they come. Amen.