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Last Week's Teaching

This past week Jared taught on John 9:1-7. Why is being a human being so hard? You can always find the most recent teachings on our homepage or in our Apple Podcast


Community Lectio Sunday

This Sunday (January 16th) we'll be meeting at Wild Goose Creative for our Community Lectio. 
We gather once a month to slowly and prayerfully read the Scriptures together. We believed the Scriputres are meant to be read in community and discussed, as well as read alone devotionally. We practice Lectio Divina, a contemplative reading of the Scriptures, as a way of cultivating this in our lives. 10am @ Wild Goose Creative. Here for more info. 

Practice before you come! 

You can listen ahead of time to our lectio divina reading through our guided lectio by our friend Michael Palandro. Check that out here.



Next All-Church Gathering. 

We'll continue in our series on Becoming Human at our next all-church gathering on January 23rd.