Our Shared Way of Life
Formational Healing / Spiritual Friendship

The Formational Healing Journey

Led by Hannah Estabrook



This five-session class will dive deeper into our shared practice of Formational Healing. We all have been deeply formed by our experiences. Trauma and otherwise soul-crushing experiences have malformed us, often hindering us from being the people we want to be and are called to be as followers of Jesus. 

Because of the intensity (e.g. formational healing is hard work) of the class, we ask that you only register if you are able to commit to being present at every session and that you refrain from signing up for an additional high-intensity course. It should also be noted that this is not a therapy group, but is being co-facilitated by two licensed therapists: Hannah Estabrook & Rachel General.

It may be helpful to access additional healing resources before, during, or after your Formational Healing Journey with us this summer. This may be an individual counselor, coach, family therapist, etc.

Referrals can be made as needed.   

Sunday Mornings 10am-12pm (location TBD): 6/5, 6/19, 7/17, 8/7, 8/21


June 5th: A Call to Formational Healing
June 19th: Authenticity with God & Others
July 17th: Living into your Values & Staying in your Integrity
August 7th: The Call to Wholehearted Faith 
August 21st: The Path to Transformation