Our Shared Way of Life
Living Generously / Hospitality

Sanctuary Night Apprenticeship

Led by Hannah Estabrook



This summer school is largely self-directed, with a few specific tasks to complete at specific times. It is designed to engage more robustly in justice/mercy work through the project of Sanctuary Night, supported with assignments to think deeply and theologically about the work being done. 

Those interested will meet with Pastor at The Abbey and Sanctuary Night executive director Hannah Estabrook twice - once at the beginning of the summer (individually), and once at the end (as a group). 

A few brief readings/podcasts/videos will be offered to assist participants in thinking deeply about the issue of sex trafficking. Additionally, as it relates to the more active/practical side, our lens will be through the six commitments that make up our shared way of life at The Abbey. 

Prayer: What is the role of prayer in the work of Sanctuary Night? How can folks at The Abbey get involved in this work through the act of prayer? 

Hospitality: What are hosts doing in the drop-in center? What are guests doing? How can I show upand offer my gifts and my presence in an act of radical hospitality?  

Living Generously: Sanctuary Night survives on the financial gifts of donors. How can you contribute in the  work of inviting others to more generous living?  

Formational Healing: Survivors of the sex trade have undoubtedly have been misshaped by early wounding  and trauma. Just like you. You’ll be encouraged to notice what types of wounds are  shared with the women you interact with. What difference does that make?  

Spiritual Friendship: We can’t do the work of mercy and justice without one another. As you engage the  suffering of the marginalized, you’ll be challenged and encouraged to have regular  spaces with deep friends where your own suffering also has some breathing room.  Sometimes you have to be the one on the mat. 

Discernment within Community: Near the end of the summer, you’ll be invited to participate in some communal discernment to savor the graces of your apprenticeship experience and cultivate more curiosity about what specific work God might be inviting you into.