We believe that every part of our life contributes to our formation.
Our habits, our choices, our patterns within relationships — all of it is doing the work of Spiritual Formation.

The work we do together as a church — from worship to prayer, to sitting in silence together — is meant to draw our attention to the love and grace of God being poured out in our lives in all the various places. 

Spiritual Direction
A monthly rhythm of meeting with a spiritual director is one of the primary ways we notice and nurture the work of God in our lives.

These prayerful conversations with an experienced companion help us encounter the love of God and attend to all the ways that God is speaking to us individually in our daily life. We are so committed to helping you cultivate this sacred space in your life that we set aside financial resources for our members to meet with a trained spiritual director frequently throughout the year.  

Spiritual Friendship
Jesus was really clear in what he most wanted for our lives. “Love one another. There is no greater love than laying down one’s life for one’s friends.” 

We believe that a vital part of our formation in the way of Jesus is nurturing friendships where this kind of self-giving love becomes possible. Deep friendships take time and energy. We want to help you learn how to have deeper friendships.

Spiritual Practice
Our community has six core practices that make up our Way of Life together.

Everything we do is pointed towards these practices becoming a part of our lived experience of our faith in the reality that God has made God’s self known through Jesus. We believe these core practices help us cultivate a life that notices and nurtures the work of God.