Our all-church gathering is where we remember that we belong to God, and to one another.

It’s where we remember that we are part of an entirely different story than the dominant narratives around us.
This is the story the Scriptures speak of. This is a story we are continually folded into.

We gather for worship and we center our hearts and minds on the Scriptures. We eat the bread and drink the cup not only to remember the story but to receive it into our bodies. 

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Our Community Formation Groups are places where we dig deeper into relationships as we learn to love one another.

We spend time together once-a-month in conversation and discussion in groups of 4-8 people; sharing stories, reading and praying the Scriptures, and praying for one another. 

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Once a month our worship centers around a contemplative reading of the Scriptures, and prayer.

Once a month our All-Church Worship centers Lectio Divina — a way of reading the Scriptures that has been practiced since the very earliest days of the church. We hope for our lives to be saturated with the stories of the Scripture. We believe that in addition to our private reading of Scripture, Scripture is meant to be read out loud, in community, prayerfully. 

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We recognize that each young person is a part of our intergenerational church body. We believe that we can teach and learn from the children and teenagers within our community.
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